Other Works

World Peace? A book based on interviews with fifty UN Diplomats
1983, with renewed preface, 2003
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About the Book and Why
Who Was Interviewed
1992 Sequel, Chapter on China
1992 Sequel, Chapter on Terrorism

911, A Personal Story
2002, updated 2007

My Letter to An Islamic Fundamentalist
March 1993, (Audio Reading of letter)

New York Times Local article on me
2010, Out of the blue. Photos by Anthony Rhoades

Surprise video for my Mom's 80th Birthday
2007, Eileen Frances McAllister Donovan

Health Horizons
1974, A few episodes from my father's radio show out of Fairleigh Dickinson University.

Rock of Ages Baptist Church
February 1984, Founded and sustained by two of my closest friends, the Lewis and Drakeford Families. Several local choirs and soloists joined this service. The preaching was not recorded at the time. The late Pastor Corrine Lewis ends the long night with a solo.

1967, a life changing lesson, a lifelong friendship, a recollection.

Two Music videos of Los Cintron, flamenco artists:
2008, Canto Por Que
2008, Contigo O Sin Ti

Original Music
2008, Hello Stranger
2008, Speakers of Truth
2014, Justice Arising (re-recorded June 2020)