Written Testimonies for Resolution 0976 (Jan. 28th, 2020) NYC Council

All submitted Written Testimonies for NYC Council Public Hearing on NYC’s two bills standing up to nuclear weapons are available here below:In addition to the Oral Testimonies, they are a mighty, tremendous resource for all in the world. Near the bottom of this NYC Council bill page, click: # 6.

“Hearing Testimony 1/28/20”


Written TestimoniesSubmitted to the NYC City CouncilRe: Res. 976, and INT. 1621January 28th, 2020Many who could not attend this day, submitted Written Testimony, all written testimonies are in this one document put out by NYC Council.A good number of people attending the Public Hearing at City Hall read out their written Testimonies. Others who submitted Statements, used their time to speak off the cuff.

Page #’s are below, with the name.

(The NYC Council put no particular order for testimonies)

1. NYC Mayors Office 4. Robert Jacobs 6. Rosemarie Pace 8. Michael Lent 10. Tom Gogan 12. Maura Keany (Amalgamated Bank) 14. Jonathan Granoff and Susanna Choe, Report of Move the Nuclear Money, and various materials 44. Lilly Adams 45. Chief Perry 47. Mitchie Takeuchi 48. Christian Ciobanu 50. William Hartung 53. Commander Robert Green 56. Rachel Clark 57. Sr. Carol Gilbert, OP and Sr. Ardeth Platte, OP 58. Prof. Peter Balakian 59: Mary Yelenick 61. Tillman Ruff 64. Dimity Hawkins 67. Robert Jay Lifton 68. Robert Croonquist 70. Martha Hennessy (Dorothy Day’s granddaughter) 71. Linda Chapman 72: Susi Snyder 76. Audrey Symes 77. Dr. Inga Blum 78. Bonnie Docherty 81. Tim Wright 85. Matthew Bolton 87. Emily Welty 89. Anthony Hegarty 92. Dr. Helen Caldicott 94. Alice Slater 97. Seth Sheldon (and submits NYCAN’s publication) 118. Nathan Snyder 119. Yasuaki Yamashita 120. M.V. Ramana 123. Alan Betts-Letts 125. Nydia Leaf 127. Rev. Toshikazu Kenjitsu Nakagaki 128. Walter Naegle (Bayard Rustin’s husband) 129. Jeannine Hill Fletcher 130. Elaine Scarry 133. Jon Lipsky 136. Setsuko Thurlow 138. Shigeko Sasamori 139. Cardinal Joseph Tobin 140. Fr. Steve Kelly, S.J. 141. Jeff Gipe 143: Michael Gorbachev 144. Clifton Truman Daniel 145. Rebecca Johnson 151. Kathleen Sullivan 153: Ira Helfand, MD 160. Betty Reardon 164. Frank Toner 165. Ngodup Tsering, (for His Holiness the Dalai Lama) 166. James Mansfield 167. Jamie Bauer 168. Eleanor Ommani 169. Fr. Raymond Roden 170. N.J. Assembly Res.: Zia Mian, Alan Robock, Frank von Hippel, Sharon Weiner, Andrew Zwicker. 173. Susan Southard 175. Zainab Akbar 181. Leslie Cagan 182. Vicki Elson 183. Nick Richie 190. Thomas Dwyer, Jr. 193. Ray Acheson (and report) 202. Walter Naegle 204. Timmon Wallis (and Warheads to Windmills: How to Pay For The Green New Deal report) 274. Ray Acheson (and report The nuclear ban and the patriarchy a feminist analysis of prohibiting nuclear weapons) 282. Timmon Wallis (report Economic Pressures and the INF Treaty) 291. Paul D. Miller aka Dj Spooky 293. Susan Schnall 295. Molly Nolan 296. U.S. Rep. Eleanor Holmes Norton 297. Brendan Fay 298. Anthony Donovan 307. Mari Inoue 308. Tanya Maus 310. Anthony Donovan 311. Miyako Taguchi 312. Matt De Vlieger 313. Blase Dupuy 314. Alfred D. Meyer 316. Principal Man Ian Zabarte 328. Dr. Patricia Lewis (includes Dr. Beyza Unal) 334. Chuck Johnson 337. Ira Helfand, MD 344. Molly McGinty 345. Emily Rubino (includes testimony of Carly Brownell) 347. Justin Werner and Sarah Kenny Werner 348. Heidi Hutner 351. Beatrice Fihn 355. S. Bryn Austin 361. John Burroughs 364. Yuni Chang 366: Emilie McGlone 367. Raymond Black 368. Sally Jones 370. Jacqueline Cabasso 374. Anthony Donovan (submits Dorothy Day’s Sept. 1945 article and 15 previous NY City Council Resolutions on nuclear weapons from 1963 to 1999) https://legistar.council.nyc.gov/LegislationDetail.aspx?ID=3996240&GUID=4AF9FC30-DFB8-45BC-B03F-2A6B534FC349&Options=&Search=

NYC Public Hearing for Resolution 0976

January 28th, 2020:   The NYC Council Resolution 0976-2019 and it’s Public Hearing at City Hall.

Video of the Public Hearing:


The submitted written Testimony:  

** 15 previous NYC Council Resolutions from 1963 to 1999 were submitted here, toward the end of this written testimony, all standing up to the nuclear arms race.