Good Thinking, Those Who've Tried to Halt Nuclear Weapons
2015 (Full Length)
This work covers much archival footage, as well as current interviews with a wider spectrum of humanity than the dangerous narrow view of those who order, make and ready these inconceivable weapons in a secret world with a great portion of our public money.

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2004 (Full Length)
A path facing global terrorism more effectively

China and Our Relationship
2007 (Full Length)
Many of us long know that cooperation among nations and people is what will save the world, not our weapons. A little over a year before China's Olympics, this was a call to see who could win the Gold in cooperation for the planet.

For the Lands and People of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
2007 (Short)

Open Letter to Iran
2008 (Short video statement)
Asking Iran to turn the tables and ask the USA to do the right thing. The cameras were all on them at this moment. We all tend to cast our own shadows elsewhere.

Kezialain Family Farm
2008 (Short)
Keepers of the sacred knowledge of the land and animal. Same land, same family since 1774. It behooves us to stay connected to those connected.

Walking with farmer, Emae Lain
2008 (excerpts. A short)

A Moment with Mario Borgatti and Family
2009 (Short)
The profound art of sustenance, passed from generations, is a highlight of civilization.

Encouragement From the Middle East to President Obama
2009 (Short)
This is painful to watch at times, for the Middle East had such great hopes for a new understanding and a new direction. But our military establishment and arms merchants had other ideas. Israel's Mission was asked many times to contribute (among others).