Our Spiritual Sounds event at the Bhakti Center, 12/7/11

(Special thanks to Alex Shapoval for taking many of the photos below, Kim Kalesti for the St. Marks shots, Anthony for others. 


Chris Fici who did most the nitty gritty work organizing this event for the Bhakti Center, giving thanks to all as Anthony and Yajna embrace in gratitude for another most blessed wonderful Local Faith Communities event.

Pundit Rasnath leading kirtan for the Bhakti Center.  Nirav

(far left) was the evenings sound engineer.

Music Director, Jeannine Otis (piano) leads members of St. Marks Church in the Bowery’s Choir.  

(Fr. Wendel of the Church of the Holy Redeemer clapping on left.)

Choir of the Cathedral of the Holy Virgin Protection

Fr. Michael Suvak (far left) and Head Pastor Fr. Christopher Calin (center) leading a selection.

The Cathedral Choir’s Directors Jennifer Cross (left) and Simona Breazu (2nd from right).

Fr. Joseph Gingrich of the Church of St. Nicolas of Myra introducing the next selection.  Fr. David Kossey of St. Mary’s American Orthodox Church (right)

Imam Mohammad Abusufian of the Medina Masjid reciting a verse of the Koran

A student (name?) reciting the next Koranic verse

Cantor Shayna Postman leading the choir of the Town and Village Synagogue

Cantor Shayna Postman with choir

Dione McClain-Freeney of Middle Collegiate Church

A few members of the Middle Collegiate Gospel Choir

Director John Del Cueto leading some from his Middle Collegiate Gospel Choir

Oud/Ney player Tom Chess about to play a Sufi selection to wrap up the evening

In the wings, on the side stage, Yajna Purusha Das,  leader of the Bhakti Center for the past 20 years, present for all.

Music Director Jeannine Otis, with Yagna Purusa Das

A wonderful few of the St. Mark’s Choir

Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church (est. 1844) leads off the evening beautifully, setting the stage for a precious evening for all.

Fr. Arthur Wendel, far right, one of our most supportive and steady local faith leaders.  His grandparents and parents were married in this church.

“Going to see the King” The Choir of the Most Holy Redeemer Catholic Church, Minister of Music Jason Sirois leading at piano, Cantor Beth Stone far left front.

Ted Walker introduces “The Filthy Rotten System Band” a phrase used by Dorothy Day co-founder of The Catholic Worker in 1933 here in NYC.  

“We are all immigrants”, Bud Courtney, Jim Regan at mic, Jeff Schneider on lead, Ted Walker on trumpet, Paul Fesefelt on bass, Brian Hynes off screen with daughter.  Anthony on harp.

Final note of “What’s so funny about Love, Peace and Understanding.”